15 Inspiring Examples of Small Business Branding

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Taking on a branding project for a small business can be a valuable opportunity for agencies and freelancers to develop experimental creative work without the intense pressures and restrictions associated with larger accounts.

While big businesses often have multiple decision makers with very specific ideas and guidelines to keep their existing brands consistent, smaller companies are usually more open to exploring new creative directions, and can move faster to implement them.

If you need some more convincing that working with small businesses can result in some stunning creative work, we’ve put together a list of 15 small business branding examples to get you inspired for your next project.

15 Examples of Small Business Branding

1) Elo Soap

When traditional Greek soap manufacturer Elo needed a fresh look for their new Greek god-inspired line of olive oil soaps, they turned to designer Mike Karolos at Smirap Designs to create something that would stand out in a sea of touristy Greek gift shop items.

“The biggest goal was to be different, unique, and eye catching,” Karolos said in an interview with The Dieline. “Although the Greek god theme in tourist shops here in Greece is very common, by using my illustration signature style we managed to give a different take on an overused theme. The result was a modern, fresh, and at the same time kind of traditional packaging due to the theme we chose.”

Images via Mike Karolos on Behance



These craft beer cans from German brewery AND UNION balance minimal design with a complex, unexpected texture. The team at AND UNION designed the unique cans in-house with the goal of breaking through the idea that only cheap beers come in cans.

“There is still that stigma, even though many craft brewers before us have done such a great job in educating the consumer, we want to do our bit too,” co-founder Rui Esteves said. “We wanted to create a can that you hesitate to throw away after you’ve had the beer. I end up leaving stacks of these empty cans in my kitchen because I feel bad throwing such a beautiful thing in the recycling.”

Images via The Dieline


3) Folklorious

Barcelona-based designer Quim Marin developed this stunning branding for online accessories boutique Folklorious. Marin incorporated excerpts of classic artwork, illustrated design, and photography with modern graphic elements and typography. The end result is an eclectic, stylish, and truly unique brand identity.


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